A/T's energizer kit for the Jacuzzi YJ or Golden Eagle low pressure, axial flow pump, converts the YJ to a much more efficient mixed flow pump.  This conversion will increase your pump's performance by approximately 20%.  A/T parts are more available and are cheaper than other Jacuzzi parts.  The energizer kits will also allow for the use of other speed parts like wedges, snoots, diverters and HD impellers and shafts.  Kits come in white only.

A/T WJ kit will improve your Jacuzzi

WJ jet by approximately 10%.



WJ Energizer Kit Complete                               $3329


YJ Energizer Kit Complete                                 $3512


Here is a Panther Jet that has been converted with the A/T Energizer Kit.  This jet has a 17-4 PH shaft (standard), a 17-4 stainless impeller, and will be fitted with a Place FTN nozzle assembly.

This jet is going to see service behind a 600 HP Chrysler Hemi.


The New Panther Jet Drive Energizer Kit

from American Turbine


For you Panther Jet Drive owners who want to convert your axial flow Panther Jet to a dual flow A/T Jet Drive.  This kit provides all of the necessary parts to convert your Panther Jet, utilizing only the Panther Jet suction case.  In preliminary tests, the conversion provides similar or increased speeds and performance with a drop in RPM throughout the power band.


With this kit, Panther Jet Drive owners will now have the advantage of different impeller options, High Performance pump shafts, higher flowing bowls and nozzle diverter assemblies with a greater range of travel.



Complete Kit     $4441


ADD-ON OPTIONS to the A/T Energizer Kits


Manual diverter A/T RA 8507 (no cable or shift)       

Hydraulic diverter RA 8707                                      

A/T Snoot R 6301                                                   

A/T long straight snoot R 6201                               

Berkeley Style Snoot R 6007                                  

Stainless Steel Impeller                                          

WJ Level III plus blueprints

by Performance Jet w/o energizer kit



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