Performance Jet has been a Nor Cal authorized dealer for Kodiak Jet Drive and the entire line of Kodiak products for twenty five years.  Call Jim for pricing and discounts.  Listed below are some of the most commonly requested items that Performance jet has on sale.


NOTE:   Some items will interchange with Hamilton two and three stage jets.  Hamilton stopped producing multi stage jets in 1996.


KODIAK/HAMILTON JET DRIVE IMPELLERSKodiak and Hamilton jets come in a variety of models.  Listed here are the models generally used in the recreational market.  Larger drive units are available from Performance Jet for the commercial market.  Prices for these units and their parts are provided on request. 






















































RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONSSPECIFIC ENGINES Engine 305 w/ two stage jet: 1/5 impellers  92 mm nozzle350 w/ two stage jet: 1/4 impellers  92 mm nozzle350 w/ three stage jet:  5/5/4 impellers  92 mm nozzle364 w/ three stage jet:  1/3/4 impellers  92 mm nozzle383 w/ three stage jet:  5/5/4 impellers  92 mm nozzle454 and 502 w/ three stage jet:  1/2/4 impellers  92 mm nozzle496 w/ three stage jet:  1/3/4 impellers  92 mm nozzle OVERLAP IMPELLER PRICES:#1XL   Overlap (More Aggressive)  $2195#1 Overlap    $2195#1 V6 Overlap   $2195 STANDARD IMPELLER PRICES:#2, #3, #4, #5     $177092 mm Pozzi nozzle     $465
































The standard Kodiak Jet is available in three models:

The 110: one 7.5" impeller

The 120: two 7.5" impellers

The 130: three 7.5" impellers


In the year 2002, Kodiak modified their model numbers to:

The 211: one 7.5" impeller

The 221: two 7.5" impellers

The 231: three 7.5" impellers


Model number example:  231554-92 = model 231 (three stage), the first two

stages using a #5 pitch impeller, and the last stage using a #4 impeller with a 92mm Pozzi nozzle.


The Standard Hamilton Jet is available in three models:

The 771: one 7.5" impeller

The 772: two 7.5" impellers

The 773: three 7.5" impellers


If you are unsure of the type of jet drive you have, you need to find the model and serial number tag to verify exactly what it is.

These impellers are open face, stainless steel axial flow impellers that are nicely made and very rugged.  These impellers come in various pitches and styles.  There are three different "overlap" impellers that are used on the first stage of multi-stage jets.  These impellers are designated #1 on multi-stage jets.


The remaining four impellers come in four different pitch sizes: #2 is a 22-degree pitch, #3 is a 23-degree pitch, #4 is a 24-degree pitch, and #5 is a 19-degree pitch impeller.


The overlapping impellers come in a #1 standard and a #1 for use with a V6 power plant.  The big block power plants (8.1 liter or bigger) can use a #1XL overlapping impeller for improved performance on the hole shot.


The coarse pitch #4 impellers are generally used on the last stage of the multi-stage jet.


For the best performance upgrade to an older three stage jet, change the third impeller (back impeller) to a #4, and replace the nozzle with a 92 mm Pozzi nozzle.  This will drop RPM and increase performance.


Kodiak Jet Drive Tune Up Kits

     Shown here is a Kodiak three stage jet dive tune up kit.  This kit includes two cutlass bearings with sleeves, a water seal and all the necessary O rings.  When tearing into a Kodiak jet drive for any reason, it is advisable to check the cutlass bearings for wear. These bearings and sleeves are critical for holding the shaft true to center in the stator housings.  Kits come in two or three stage.

Three stage "B" Kit     Price  $395




Bearing "A" Kit  $649

Performance Jet sells all Kodiak kits, individual parts or complete jets if needed.


Stator Housing Assemblies with Ring and Cutless Bearing     $549

92 mm Pozzi Nozzle    $465


The Kodiak  Jet


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