Performance Jet is offering a high performance major overhaul kit.  This kit will fit Berkeley, A/T and Aggressor jet drives.


The kit includes a harder loading impeller of any cut, a stainless shouldered wear ring, low friction graphite packings and a choice of the higher load bearing thrust bearings: KOYO, FAG, or NSK.  Kit includes every other item for a complete rebuild: Gaskets, seals, billet impeller nut, tail bearings and a new bowl end cap.  This kit even includes the transom kit if you need it.  (C and G pumps.)


Major Kit with SS Shouldered Ring and Aluminum Impeller (Legend Profile)           $925

Minor Overhaul Kit with SS Shouldered Ring, Less Impeller            $395                             

Gasket, O ring, and Seal Kit  12JC/JG                                                $125

Transom Kit                                                                                        $35



Major Premium Kit with SS Ring and Aluminum Impeller, A/T 309          $975

Major Premium Kit with SS Ring and Aluminum Impeller, SD 309          $975

Major Premium Kit with Bronze Ring and Stainless 17-4 Impeller         $2049

Major Premium Kit with Bronze Ring and Hi Helix 17-4 Impeller            $2495



Note:  When ordering Dominator and A/T kits, we need to know the jet drive model and serial number.  This info is found on the data tag, located on the thrust bearing housing.  These numbers are important because both Dominator and A/T jets have gone through many design and improvement changes over the years.  There are numerous kits with different parts based on what years the changes were made, and the serial number will help Jim get you the exact kit for your order.

 (Based on pump serial number.)

Premium 12S and 12TD Kits with SS Ring and Aluminum Impeller                $925

Premium 12S and 12TD Kits with Bronze Ring and Stainless 17-4 Impeller  $2049

Hi Helix Kits                                                                                                     $2495

Minor 12S and 12 TD Kits SS Ring w/o Impeller                                             $395



Standard Major Rebuild Kit with Aluminum Impeller                            $725
(Add $30 for shouldered ring and shim kit)


Berkeley 12JC/JG Gasket, Seal, and O Ring Kit                                 $125

BerkeleyKit and the new XB 17-4
Stainless Impeller                                                                                 $1799   A or A2 Cut

Bronze wear ring on request                                                            add $150







Performance jet sells all Panther Jet parts and has kits in stock.

PJ sells everything from the Panther deluxe rebuild kits to individual parts and pieces.

 The Panther Jet Seal Kit # 8801 for a 4-Point Engine Mount    $130

 Seal Kit # 8801 for 3-Point Engine Mount   $139

Panther Jet Major Rebuild Kit  $360

Nyliner Kit  $23



#8801  3-Point Mount Seal Kit


#8806 Nyliner Kit

Kodiak Jet Drive Tune Up Kits

     Shown here is a Kodiak three stage jet dive tune up kit.  This kit includes two cutlass bearings with sleeves, a water seal and all the necessary O rings.  When tearing into a Kodiak jet drive for any reason, it is advisable to check the cutlass bearings for wear. These bearings and sleeves are critical for holding the shaft true to center in the stator housings.  Kits come in two or three stage.

Three stage "B" Kit  $395




Bearing "A" Kit  $649

Performance Jet sells all Kodiak kits, individual parts or complete jets if needed.


Stator Housing Assemblies with Ring and Cutless Bearing     $549

92 mm Pozzi Nozzle    $465

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