Tools Needed:

1. 0.30 feeler gauge

2. Propane torch.

3.  Bent screwdriver

4. WD-40

5. Impeller wrench

6. 3/4" wrench

7. 9/16" wrench

8. Dead blow hammer


Use a propane torch.  Place the flame on the brass ring go around in a circular motion until the insulator starts to melt.  Grab the ring with a bent over screwdriver (90 degrees) and pull out.  Clean up wear ring bore.



Place wear ring in freezer for four hours.   Place insulator in suction bore.  Spray with WD-40.  Start wear ring by hand.  Tap wear ring in using a wooden block and a mallet.  You may use an old impeller, but it may bottom out on the shaft before seating the ring.



Wear ring must be seated square in the bore within 0.004" side to side.

The axial clearance between the impeller and the impeller shoulder must be 0.025"-0.035" (check several places around the wear ring.)  Check again after the impeller nut has been tightened.

Torque impeller nut to 70 ft/lbs.  Torque bowl bolts to 50 ft/lbs.

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